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Adventures of the Brave Rangers #2 REMAKE (Mature)

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This is a visual remake of the popular "Adventures of the Brave Rangers #2". The Galactic Republic holds a fragile alliance with the Martian Empire, in an attempt to usher in a brighter future. However, cunning enemies force the Republican Ranger Corps to assign rangers Marti and Vega to various missions, taking out dark wizards and evil dictators. The latest: Three brave rangers were captured on the planet 23 by the ruthless tyrant Eivan! Will they be able to withstand all the tickle torture? Can they escape?


10 Color Comic Pages

1 Color Cover

3 Conceptual Art Pages

1 Bonus Image

6 Variant Images

PDF Delivery

Comic contains */F and F/F tickling.

Written by:
Rgevskiy (Deviantart:

Art by:

PatronJenu (Deviantart:

Bonus art by:

Marra Marena

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Adventures of the Brave Rangers #2 REMAKE (Mature)

1 rating
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