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Snapshots #8: Fantasia Unleashed #3!

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The popular series Snapshots continued with a new line up of guests ranging from cyberpunk to dark fantasy:

Kiwi, Rebecca, and Sasha Yakovleva (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners)

Charlotte, Yanfei, Clorinde, Raiden Shogun, and Yae Miko (Genshin Impact)

Rushuna Tendo, Empress Tenshi, Setsuna Oomido (Grenadier)

High Elf Archer (Goblin Slayer)

Kobeni Higashiyama (Chainsaw Man)

Lady Purrcelain, Dragon Girl, Matri, Vega (OC's by Rgevskiy)

40 Color Variant Pages total

Many of the pages include several variants (clothing, text balloons, etc)

4 Different artists contribution

PDF Delivery

All characters displayed are 18+ older

Art by:


hi im sout



Please check out the previous releases of Snapshots, here on Gumroad: Snapshots #5/Snapshots #6/Snapshots #7

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Snapshots #8: Fantasia Unleashed #3!

0 ratings
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