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Admiral Starhex #1 (Mature)

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Admiral Starhex, taking advantage of her newest flagship's superior speed, just intercepted and boarded the vessel, led by Captain Hellcat, daughter of a leader of a powerful pirate ring. Through advanced interrogation techniques, Admiral Starhex intends to find out location of pirates' main base and end their activity in this sector once and for all. The epic standoff of the two space she-devils begins now...


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12 Color Variant Images

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Comic contains upper and lower body tickling.  Variant images also contain genital tickling and stimulation.

Make sure to check out "Adventures of the Brave Rangers"  The popular titles that Admiral Starhex spun-off from. 

Please visit the artists that worked on this at...

Writer:  Rgevskiy

Artist:  ZombieSlayerComics

Colorist:  Vwolfxiv

Variant Images:  PawFeather

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Admiral Starhex #1 (Mature)

3 ratings
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